Protein Powder Cooking Guide

Heidi Cannon BOOM BOOM

Cooking with Protein Powder Tips


1. ALWAYS pre spray any cooking tin or sheet that you will be working with. Protein loves to stick so if you don’t spray your tins they might not want to come out LOL!   I use  coconut oil or low fat cooking spray.

2. I love Magnum not just because its great tasting protein because it amazing to bake with!! Lactose free, Gluten free, very low in calories and no artificial sweeteners.  I have had a few people say that there muffins didn’t turn out right or there too dry so I asked them  what protein are you baking with? If its not magnum then there’s your number one problem!

3. Always buy non stick baking dishes tins or sheets. Even with using a spray or coconut oil its just that added bit to help you baking not stick.

4. Watch you baking! All ovens cook different so be sure to check on them every 5-10 mins to ensure optimal results.

5. FREEZE IT! You can freeze any of my recipes! because my recipes have no butter flour or sugar they don’t typically stay as “well preserved” as baking that normal would have all the not good things for you. So if you make too much and cant eat it within a few days, freeze it!  They still taste great too!

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