About Mrs. Cannon


My name is Heidi Cannon and I’m a WBFF pro fitness model and a Magnum Nutraceuticals’ athlete.  I love life and try to live each day to the “max”. One thing you should know about me is that I LOVE FOOD.

I come from a family where food is the number one thing we talk about. I love treats! Whether its pizza, ice cream or anything with chocolate on it, I Want it! So after completely changing my lifestyle into  “The eat clean version” I have taken to baking with my choice of protein, Magnum Quattro. I love to create and bake clean healthy versions of everyone’s favorites.

A Little about me..
 Growing up I was always very active in sports, from gymnastics and dance, to riding dirt bikes, and achieving my black belt in Karate. I was even able to go to stunt school! I will always be a tom boy at heart but I do love my girly side. I love to belly dance and am lucky enough to be able to dance professionally on weekends. I am someone who is consistently perfecting my craft so I am taking jazz, ballet and lyric classes twice a week.  You’re never too old, to try anything!
So how did I get started into the fitness world you ask? Not until 3 years ago had I ever considered trying out for a fitness show until my good friend suggested I try competing in one. How hard could it be?  Let me tell you, it was one of the toughest things I’ve done.  The preparation, both physical and mental; from the daily training routine to the food preparation: for 12 weeks it takes over your life and also affects those around you.  So I participated in the show and never looked back  – I was hooked – I loved the stage. 

In June of 2012 I became a pro fitness model with the WBFF, and to this day, it’s been one of my greatest achievements.  A few months later I was “over the moon” to sign a sponsorship with Magnum Nutraceuticals – which has been a dream of mine since I starting to use their products. I truly believe in their product, the amazing team, and what the company represents.
It’s been an epic journey!!
I’m not afraid of trying any new challenge, and have always been driven to succeed in whatever I’m passionate about. The sky’s the limit!
I’m happily married and live with my husband Travis, in Vancouver, BC.

To get full access to all of my recipes download my App “Mrs. Cannon’s Baking” on any Apple device.


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